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We produce the perfect item for a modern and sustainable home and for conscious and dynamic people. Easy to have, easy to integrate, easy to maintain and environment friendly. We produce Plants that only need light to grow!

Simplicity and Beauty

Our products are beautiful plants that you can abserve sinse the roots to the leaves with no necessity to watering , treat or care in any form. You can dispend you free time with everything you want and the plant will be amazing as ever. Only need light!


Our plants produce the oxygen / carbon dioxide balance they need and reuse water over and over again. Being a self-sustaining product, they are also a way of reflecting and conscientializing on the importance of plants in the ecosystem, from the influence in the water cycle to the importance in our own survival as human beings

Companionship and Support

A company that guarantees that you feel the support for any doubt, any information you have or need. We like to follow up the products and help you to enjoy it either inside the container or after transplanting the plant to soil. We do not want to sell only products, we want to be a part of a fantastic new experience for you !!

Our Services

For privates and for business


We sell a wide variety of products that you can choose from, and you can order them online and receive them in the comfort of your home. If you prefer to know where the next store is selling our products.

For retail

We have very atrative prices for business that want resell our products. Furthermore our most loyal and old partners could even have more attrative deals.

Interior Decor

This service is for hotels, restaurants, Spas and similar business. You don't dispend time and money caring the plants and you will delight your costumers with a unique decor, modern, sustainble and beautiful.

We are here! Our products could be everywhere!